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Is your long-term file storage situation creating an additional set of headaches for you? Are you struggling to find a way to organize and maintain your mid to long-term archival documents in a way that is accessible, yet secure and protected?

No matter the size of your business, you are required by law to retain business records for a definitive period of time. And while it might seem easier to keep your archival files and documents at your office, eventually, the volume of those files demands a different and better solution.

While there are companies that offer document management related storage services, they tend to lack customer service and are often very pricey, with hidden costs that add up quickly.

There is a better way!

Dymon has developed an innovative file storage and records management system for your business!

DymonDoc is an innovative file storage management system that is designed to help your business implement a self managed and secure, offsite document storage solution. Dymon's revolutionary new system offers you all the necessary space, tools and resources to store, manage and organize your documents efficiently and economically.

Never lose track of files again, waste office space for file boxes or spend hours sorting through files!

DymonDoc gives Ottawa area businesses a great way to store their documents at a fraction of the cost of managed, third party document storage services. And rather than giving up the control and custody of your documents to a third party provider, you can self-manage your documents at Dymon.

It is YOUR document storage solution!

Benefits of DymonDoc!

  • DymonDoc's unique mobile app and web dashboard allow you to effectively manage your own files
  • Control your files in a dedicated Dymon Storage unit with customized heavy duty shelving to maximize space
  • FREE movers, administrative support and training are available at time of move-in
  • Seven convenient locations close to you
  • Secure and accessible storage 24/7 for your convenience
  • Fully equipped Dymon Business Centre with scanning, photocopying and fax services available
  • On call support to assist you

Organizing your files has never been easier!

With FREE movers, administrative support and training, DymonDoc will have your business running more efficiently in no time!

FREE Movers!

In order to ensure your employees stay productive, bonded and insured movers will come and retrieve all of your file boxes and bring them to Dymon. Boxes will be palletized and shrink wrapped to ensure they remain intact and safe.

Once you have added your boxes to the DymonDoc on-line application, the chain of custody of these boxes are assured. When received at the Dymon facility, they are scanned into your space and you can track the process from your office.

FREE Administrative Support!

Along with movers, Dymon will assist in setting up the DymonDoc locker for your company. Dymon will label, inventory and shelve boxes for you.

If you require assistance to index or list your boxes, we can also provide support to do this and you always have access to one of our Dymon Business Centre's to review, re-arrange and re-box your contents as required. Each Dymon location has a centre that is fully equipped with scanning, photocopying and fax services.

FREE Training!

After your DymonDoc system is all set up, Dymon will invite your staff down to our storage facility to show your team how to properly use the DymonDoc system. Training will cover all aspects, as well as the great features and perks of storing with Dymon Storage!

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