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To further safeguard your possessions, we offer contents insurance that is very reasonably priced. For only $2 per month for each $1,000 of insurance coverage, you can enjoy the additional peace of mind.

Many home insurance policies limit coverage outside the home, or may only offer limited time coverage. You should check with your insurance provider and then consult with our professional Store Associates for additional information.

To help organize your storage unit and maximize its efficiency, we have specialized shelving available for rent. Each shelving unit comes with wheels and can be assembled in a variety of options.

Wardrobe Units

Closet Space, On-Demand!

Dymon's wardrobe service gives your clothes the first class treatment! Like a concierge for your closet, we deliver our rolling wardrobes to you, and pick them up when you are done. The wardrobes feature a hanging rack.

Secure, Humidity and Climate Controlled Wardrobe Storage

Your clothes will be safe in our climate and humidity controlled storage, giving your clothes and sports equipment an ideal storage space. Our breathable wardrobes ensure proper circulation of our cool, dry air to preserve natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, linen, suede and leather.

Truck Rentals

Dymon trucks and drivers are also available to customers at the time of move-out. This service is available at extremely competitive rates. Enjoy the same level of comfort and convenience as you did at move-in. We even provide a moving cart, bungee cords and moving blankets in every truck for your added convenience. Contact us for more information about our truck rentals.

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