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Not sure how much space you need? Use our space calculator

With a total 25 sq ft. of space, these small-sized 5' x 5' units are great for large closet items like seasonal items, garden tools, boxed business files or office supplies.

If you're looking for a solution to rid your office of extra equipment and give yourself a little more space to move around in, then 5' x 5' or 25 sq ft. unit is perfect to hold a large office closet full of files, books, office chairs, and a few storage boxes.

A family member has moved on to college, and you want to change out that shaggy carpet for beautiful tile. Now you have 50 sq ft. of secure space for the contents of a mid-size bedroom that could include a queen size bed, dresser, TV, and a few storage boxes.

This 50 sq ft. unit is the perfect size for extra business inventory like office desks, book cases, file cabinets and a healthy set of storage boxes. This 5' x 10' unit is also great for storing tools, equipment and materials.

Maybe you're moving from a small apartment into your first home, but you need a few months to store your stuff before your house is finished being built. The contents of an entire family room or two full bedrooms can fit in a 10' x 10' unit with 100 sq ft. of space.

100 sq ft. of space in the 10' x 10' unit will fit an entire office, including desks, chairs, computers and a few storage boxes if stacked in an orderly way. Add your own free-standing shelves for easy access to records.

This larger 150 sq ft. unit can hold up to 3 bedrooms worth of furniture. It is ideal for storing larger items such as pianos, couches, tables, and large screen TV's.

With 150 sq ft., this 10' x 15' unit is a good choice for a large office space with several desks, computers and boxes. Keep individual wires, cords and hardware for each office space in their own boxes and them properly for quick and easy set-up in your new office space.

200 sq ft. of storage space will easily store the contents of a growing families 5 bedroom house. This 10' x 20' unit can store larger items like refrigerators, dining tables, chairs, washers, dryers and several large boxes.

This 200 sq ft. unit is one of our larger sizes, making it the perfect fit for your 5 year supply of business and tax files. A typical large office with desks, computers, book cases and file cabinets will easily fit in this 10' x 20' unit.

Fit contents of large 5 to 7 bedroom house into a 10' x 30' depending on how high you stack your furniture and how much aisle space you leave in your unit. This 300 sq ft. unit is amazingly equipped to hold larger items like couches, beds, refrigerators and equipment centres.

With a 300 sq ft. storage space you can fit many office desks, several large boxes, seasonal storage, a few sets of large storage shelves and a few palettes of inventory into a 10' x 30' depending on how high you stack your furniture and how much aisle space you leave in your unit.

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